Questions from the Shadows

Often the most broken people are the most isolated. The ones least likely to seek help, the least likely to accept help when it's offered.

Why? I can't answer for everyone, but I'm wondering if it's because they feel like there's no cure for what's broken.

There's some pain that isn't easily healed. It's incredibly sensitive, though, and we try to protect it from further hurt by keeping it away from any and all touch. It's not just that we're afraid of being hurt again....we're afraid to try and fail. Failure will confirm that, yes, we really are beyond help. That there's no one that can understand us, no one that can understand our brokenness. It's safer to stay hurt and hidden than to open up for more hurt.

So how do we help those who are hurting? We could go barrelling in with our simplistic answers. Tell them they need Jesus. Pray the sinners prayer with them if they're unbelievers. Tell them to pray and read their Bible more if they're believers. It's all well-intentioned, but as far as I can see, this could drive a person away from God (Who really is, after all, the only One capable of healing this kind of pain.) I mean, what happens after someone commits their life to Jesus, does their devotions and prays regularly and the pain doesn't go away?

I really don't have the whole answer to this. I really want to know though.

How do you meet people where they're really at? How do you get to a place where you can not only give them the Answer (Abba!) that they need but walk side by side with them through from the shadows to the sunlight?

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