Midnight Conversation

Katiana wakes up crying at 11:30 pm:

I go in to her and she's sitting in her crib crossways looking so very, very sad.

'There's something wrong with my foot.'

me - 'What's wrong?'

'It has an ankle on it.'

me - 'Does it hurt?'


me - 'Can you show me where?'

(She touches her ankle, but upon examination I find nothing.)

me - 'Oh. Do you need a cuddle?'


(cuddle time)

'Mommy, my foot has an ankle on it. Can you see it?'

me - 'Do you want me to kiss it better?'


(I kiss the little soft, otherwise unmarked ankle.)

me - 'Is it all better now?'


(A little more cuddling then off to sleep she goes.)

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