Brutally Honest MBTI

Lowell and I have been learning about MBTI personality type model as a hobby for quite a while now. As some of you may know, according to the model I'm an INFJ. Lowell's an INTJ

In my online travels (My name is Staci and I'm a 'net addict) I saw some type descriptions from a quiz called the 'Brutally Honest MBTI'. The descriptions of each type are hysterical!

Here's mine:

Freak- INFJ

Well, well, well. How did someone like you end up with the least common personality type of them all? In a group of 100 Americans, only 0.5 others would be just like you. You really are one of a kind... In fact, I do believe that that's one of the definitions for the word "FREAK."
Freak's not such a bad word to describe you actually.
You are deep, complex, secretive and extremely difficult to understand. If that doesn't scream "Freak!" I don't know what does. No-one actually knows the REAL you, do they?
You probably have deep interests in creative expression as well as issues of spirituality and human development.
You've probably even been called a "psychic" before, because of your uncanny knack to understand and "read" people without quite knowing how you do it. Don't fret. You're not actually psychic. That would make you special and you'll never accomplish that.

You're also quite possible the most emotional of them all, so don't take this all too hard. Nevertheless you most definitely have the strangest personality type and that's not necessarily a good thing.

That's good stuff. :)
Here's Lowell's - I know he won't mind me posting this:

Crackpot - INTJ

People hate you.
Paris Hilton hates Nicole Richie. Lex Luther hates Superman. Garfield hates Mondays.
But none these even rates against the insurmountable hate, people have for you.
I mean, you're pretty damn clever and you know it. You love to flaunt your potential. Heard the word "arrogant" lately? How about "jerk?" Or perhaps they only say that behind your back.
That's right. I know I can say this cause you're not going to cry. You're not exactly the most emotional person. You'd rather spend time with your theoretical questions and abstract theories than with other people.
Ever been kissed? Ever even been on a date? Trust me, your inflated ego is a complete turnoff with the opposite sex and I am telling you, you're not that great with relationships as it is. You're never going to be a dude or chick magnet, purely because you're more concerned with yourself than others. Meh. They all hate you already anyway.

How about this- "stubborn?" Hrm? Heard that lately? All those facts which don't fit your theories must just be wrong, right? I mean, really, the vast amounts of time you spend with your head in the're just plain strange. _____________

A freak and a crackpot. See why we're so good together? LOL.
Really though, these are over the top and rude on purpose and aren't meant to be taken seriously.
If you're interested in checking out more about MBTI, the Personality Pathways website is a good place to start.


  1. Funny in a not funny funny way. Funny how that works.

  2. I think I missed it. Can you explain for my pea-sized brain? ;P

  3. Haha - now I have to go check out the site for the rest of the personality types.

    And by the way, I'm a FREAK too :)


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