An all too rare event occurred today. Much to my family's joy I made an apple pie. As we ate dinner the following conversation took place:

Tasia - "Mommy, you're the queen of all pies. You have the kingdom of all pie fillings of all the land."

"Daddy, you're the king of pies."

"I'm the helper. And Katiana is the little, little princess."

Katiana - "I'm a bug."

Despite having 2 girls and no boys we've never been a really girly-pink, doll-filled household. We've made efforts. I have bought the girls dolls etc. but they always thought that stuffed animals were more fun. Tasia actually had a hate-on for baby dolls for most of her toddler/preschool years. We'd show her one and she'd back away with fear and disgust written all over her little being.

Nowadays Tasia's showing a marked interest in all things girly...dresses, dancing, pretty hair etc. but note the conversation above: She'd rather be a helper than a princess.

And Katiana would rather be a bug.


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