Moral Issues … Or Not

My house has clutter.  My gardens have weeds.  My driveway has snow.  And more often than not, I leave them that way.

Am I lazy?  Maybe.

Here’s what I want to know: Does a clean house really = good person and messy house = bad person?
It’s a gut reaction.  You walk into someone’s house and see dirty dishes in the sink, laundry on the couch and toys on the living room floor and your estimation of that person’s character drops a notch or two.  If the house is in a similar state the next few times you come over it drops a few more. 


I am getting more connected with the fact that my messy home has a negative effect on my well being.  I’m getting better at keeping things orderly because I’m learning that it works for me.   I’m not doing it because I’m afraid of what people think or because it’s some indicator of domestic ascendance.

So how about it?  You don’t judge my character by my house and yard and I won’t judge your intelligence by your spelling.


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