I Now Dub Thee Mr. StinkyHead. The Tale of my Attempt to Make Homemade Peeps

Today, the Serious Eats blog posted a recipe for making Peeps from scratch.

It looked simple enough.  3 ingredients: water, sugar and plain gelatin.  The instructions looked manageable.  I liked the idea of Peeps with fewer preservatives.  It had been a while since my last attempt to awaken my inner Martha Stewart.

So I tried.

Here they are:

Peep Group Shot These are the good ones.  The ones that were good enough to get eyes.




Single Peep

A closeup of one of the better ones.  He looks like a snuffalupagous seal hybrid.





Peep Reject

One of the many, many rejects.  A Peep poo.  The Peep poos didn’t get eyes.  I thought they’d be too traumatized by the sight of their poo-shaped buddies.





I, apparently, am not a domestic goddess.  I make Peep poos for Easter.  I also feed them to my children.


  1. These absolutely rock. They're even better in real life. I come into the kitchen and here are a small horde of hapless little creatures, looking up at me... except for the ones without eyes. Those are just looking... at nothing.

    By far the best peeps I've ever seen. Now we need to make a peeps predator, slowly creeping (peeping?) up behind these... soft, wide, yawning mouth inching closer and closer...

  2. I think the eyeless ones are poops... or craps.


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