I Now Dub Thee Mr. StinkyHead. The Tale of my Attempt to Make Homemade Peeps


Today, the Serious Eats blog posted a recipe for making Peeps from scratch.

It looked simple enough.  3 ingredients: water, sugar and plain gelatin.  The instructions looked manageable.  I liked the idea of Peeps with fewer preservatives.  It had been a while since my last attempt to awaken my inner Martha Stewart.

So I tried.

Here they are:

Peep Group Shot These are the good ones.  The ones that were good enough to get eyes.




Single Peep

A closeup of one of the better ones.  He looks like a snuffalupagous seal hybrid.





Peep Reject

One of the many, many rejects.  A Peep poo.  The Peep poos didn’t get eyes.  I thought they’d be too traumatized by the sight of their poo-shaped buddies.





I, apparently, am not a domestic goddess.  I make Peep poos for Easter.  I also feed them to my children.

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