Not Humbug.

photo_10386_20091203Christmas.  When we were kids it just somehow … happened.  Sure we’d get to be a part of the baking, decorating and gift wrapping, but that’s about it. 

On the 25th we’d wake up and there it would be!  Wonderful presents wrapped and ready to open.  Yummy special breakfast would ‘magically’ appear on the table as would the turkey dinner later in the day. 

At the end of the day we’d put on our new pjs and drag our exhausted little selves to bed  feeling happy yet slightly wistful that we had to wait for a whole other year until the next Christmas.

As immature as it makes me sound, I’m still reconciling the fact that grown up Christmas = work with everything I thought the day to be as a child.  The magic doesn’t just happen, you have to make it.

Which is all ok, I’m good with making magic as long as the process doesn’t involve me spending all day Christmas Eve day cleaning and all day Christmas day in the kitchen.

Hello?  Aren’t the holidays supposed to be about spending time with loved ones?  In my experience, whenever a big gathering takes place someone has to spend the entire time not visiting in order to provide the opportunity for everyone else to. 

Who came up with that idea? 

I know there are some people who enjoy hosting these things.  Who derive some joy from preparing a tasty feast and cozy ambience for guests to enjoy.  I’ve been very blessed by those people.

I’m not one of them. 

I’m not happy if by the end of Christmas day, all I’ve done is run around like a chicken with my head cut off.  I feel gypped.

So here’s what Christmas looks like in our house:  We celebrate with a nice, quiet day with just myself, my hubby and our two kiddos.  That’s it.

It’s quiet.  It’s relaxed.

We wake up to the sound of happy kiddos digging into their stockings.  We wear silly Christmas hats,  put birthday candles in our breakfast cinnamon rolls and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Jesus.  We open presents.  We spend time enjoying the company of our kids and each other.  This year we’re going to have perogies and dill sauce with farmer’s sausage for Christmas dinner.  Tasty, but easy to prepare. 

Everyone gets to relax and enjoy the day.  My kids have a relaxed mommy and daddy  who can give them undivided attention.   We have quiet time to contemplate because there’s space for it.


  1. Not the first time I've envied you my friend, not the first.........


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