A Snapshot

I head out the door wearing yoga pants, a red long-sleeved tee and a yoga-type hooded coat thing. 

I’ve only ever attempted yoga 3-ish times in my life and had to give up because I nearly blacked out every time I changed elevation. 

I wear the coat because I love it.  It’s black and sleek.  It has a funky little zipper pocket on the left sleeve.  And a hood.  And the zipper unzips from the bottom AND the top – you know, just in case. 

I’m also feeling a little odd about wearing my yoga pants out in public but figure it’s all good because my coat is long enough to cover my bum.

I’m feeling a little more ninja-like than usual.   It must be all the black sleekness.

To complete the ensemble, I throw on a pair of silver-foil Dr. Martens boots.

AAAAC8d2-KkAAAAAABb_cwYou’d think that the silver boots would throw off the ninja effect, but you’d be wrong.  See, in my all-black outfit, I could hide in the shadows.   Someone would walk by, notice something shiny and wander over to investigate ….

By then it would be too late.  For them.

I wonder if ninjas do yoga? 

I wonder if ninjas’ socks ever come part way off inside their shiny boots while they’re walking?

I doubt they wear their ninja gear grocery shopping.  Not enough shadows.

I’ll bet they still wear their shiny boots though.


  1. I like the picture this post created for me. I wish I could have seen you, or as the case would have been, not seen you!

    ps LOVE the boots!


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