Slow and steady wins the what now?

OK, despite the positive spin I put on my slower weight loss in my last post, I have to admit that I’m still working on making peace with it.

Yet another week has gone by with nary a pound lost.  According to the scale that is.
I’ve decided to stop weighing myself every day.  It’s too depressing.  Once a week is good enough.

It’s amazing how much sway an inanimate object can have over one’s thoughts.  I know I’ve been staying on track with my eating and my workouts have been amazing.  However, every morning as I stand on that silly thing, I let the numbers tell me that I’ve failed somehow. 

Piece of junk.

Like I said, I know that I’m making progress.  My pants are getting looser.   I’m getting great muscle definition everywhere.  I can push harder in my HIIT cardio workouts this week than I could last week.  I’m contemplating buying a new set of weights because the way I’m going, our current set will be too light for my squats and dead-lifts in a few weeks.

I think I'll buy myself a pair of jeans that is one size too small to use as my new progress indicator.  When I fit into them, I’ll know I’m getting skinnier despite what the scale tells me.

Either that, or just stop over-thinking it and focus on continuing to do what I know is right.


  1. It's sure hard to be reasonable about topics we've invested in emotionally. I can relate for sure.


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