My eating this month has been the most horrendous it’s been since I started.

You’d think that after months and months of reaping the benefits of healthy eating, I’d never be tempted to binge on junk again.  For the first 6 months or so I really wasn’t tempted at all.  The very idea of diving face first into a bag of Reese’s peanut butter chocolate mini eggs and not stopping until the bag was empty sounded disgusting.  So why now?  Especially when I feel like roadkill when I’ve done.

I honestly have no answer.  It just goes to show that I’ll always have to be vigilant about eating well.
Fortunately I haven’t gained any weight this month.  I credit that to being on track with my eating (as in eating within my goal calorie range) about 5 out of 7 days in a week.  Minimum 4 on a bad week. 

I’ve also kept up with my workout schedule.  Between the two, damage has been kept to a minimum.
Exercise has been going really well.  I’m on my second month of the program outlined in Rachel Cosgrove’s book ‘Female Body Breakthrough.’  I love it and recommend it unreservedly.

My new fitness goal is to be able to do a set of 8 full pushups and 1 full body weight pull up by the end of June.  I’m working on the pushups by doing them on my stairs.  I started at the 5th stair and am now down the 4th.  The plan is to keep at it until I can do them flat out on the floor.

Pull ups are a little trickier. 

I’m starting with assisted pull ups using super heavy duty fitness bands to offset my body weight.  The ones I got are from a company called Iron Woody (nice name?).  The set I have has 3 different sizes that I can mix and match as I progress.  I haven’t tried them yet.  Today’s workout will be the first.
Here’s a video showing the bands in use ( the part with the bands is about halfway through):

To get myself back on track with my eating, I’m going to bribe myself.  From today through next Wednesday, if I stay within my calorie range 6 out of 7 days, I’m going to buy myself some new earrings (cheapos, but still a splurge for me.)


  1. Been there! When i went Gluten and Dairy free(basically all flesh foods) for allergies sake, i had a goal, and that was to get better, and for 8 months i didn't blink at saying no, but as of late, it is a constant eat healthy and stay on track, sometimes i fail (hard!), and somedays are great..i do my best when i remember my goal without fail, ..why can't i do that all the time..i am human :)


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