Chaos makes pudding

Have you ever heard the term ‘Chaos Tolerance’?  I first read it in a book preview in  one of last year’s Costco Connection magazines.  I can’t even remember enough about the book to do a decent google search for it, but the phrase has become a part of our household vocabulary.

The idea is that different people can tolerate different levels of chaos and that we need to structure our lives accordingly.

I’ve decided that I have a very low chaos tolerance.  I don’t do well with extended disruption – even good disruption makes me feel unsettled and grumpy after a short time. 

So guess what the last 6 weeks have been like?  We bought a home, moved,  and are in the process of settling into our new one. 

Routine?  What routine?

Things are finally starting to settle into a semblance of normal now and I’m feeling ready to get back on track.

Yeah, workouts kind of went by the wayside.  I think I got, maybe one strength training session done in the last two weeks and aimed for 2-3 in the weeks before that.  My eating has been beyond bad.  So bad that I’m humbled by how months of near-perfect eating and exercise can so quickly degenerate.

I feel like a pudding.

I really do miss the workouts though.   A lot.

Lowell’s cleared a workable space for us in the garage.  The mats are down, the equipment is set up and the new TRX is waiting to play.

Tomorrow I pick up and start fresh.  Because I don’t want feel like pudding.


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