Bizarre yet so Very Awesome


e42342“I realize the screaming pain
Hearing loud in my brain
But I'm going straight ahead, with the scar”

What does that even MEAN?  And why does its very oddness make me love it so much?  Really, you have to click through the link and watch the video to get the full effect.  The first 18 seconds will do the trick.

I love living in a world that doesn’t have to make complete sense.  It’s kind of like watching a kid try something new.  They barge right in and make mistakes, get laughed at by those of us who are supposed to know better (because they’re so darned cute), pick themselves up and go at it again.  It’s beautiful.

Oddities explained by cultural misunderstanding aside, I love this about anime.  Even in a serious series there’s often some quirky side character.  It might provide some cuteness factor or comic relief but it doesn’t have to.  It’s just itself.

Like me.

Maybe without the cuteness factor.

Too bad it’s taken me this long to be ok with it; to be perfectly fine with being bizarre;  to be able to live without feeling the need to explain the paradoxes; to be comfortable with the fact that, in my natural state, I may not be everyone’s cuppa. 

I’ll stop before this gets too emo because that’s not this blog’s intent.

Let me end with this: If I manage to raise children who are not only perfectly comfortable with their oddities, but proud of them, I will consider it a parenting triumph. 

Ok I lied.  I’m ending with this (It’s pretty much my favorite song of all time.):


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