Maui in Brief (No, not in briefs. That's not for sharing.)


I’m going to take the lazy way out and share in point form instead of attempting to craft well written paragraphs. 


It's tricky putting flippers on.  If you put them on while on the beach, it's hard to walk in the shallow surf.  If you wait until you're in the water, the waves bowl you over.

In her natural element.


Not sure what's up there.

I love the plumeria tree that grows just outside our condo.  The flowers smell heavenly.

Some things I’ve learned in our 6 days on Maui so far:

1.       Rash guards are a necessity.  Long sleeved rash guards are even better.  Even when using spf 50, there’s a limit to how long we can spend in the sunshine before burning.  Being able to swim without worrying about burning is a wonderful thing. 

2.       Chemical sunscreen does strange and inconvenient things to my body (read hormones).   I can only use sunscreens with zinc and titanium oxide.  I’m not fond of the white cast it leaves on my skin, but it’s better than either of the alternatives.

3.       We still manage to get tanned even though we’re using sunscreen and rash guards.  I like to play count the sunburns as I walk by the people tanning by the pool.  Ironically, because they tried so hard to get tanned, they’re now going to have to spend the next week avoiding the sun while they heal.

4.       It really does take 4 days to relearn how to truly relax.  We’re on true vacation time now.

5.       Snorkeling still makes me nauseous.  Grrrr.  I'm not letting it stop me.  They sell a handy, less drowsy, anti nauseant over the counter here.  It works well.  Before someone steps up to suggest ginger, yes I did try it. While it didn't help me while snorkeling,  I found that for the flight over, 1/2 a dose of Gravol plus two ginger pills was a magical combination.  It was the best I've felt while flying ever.

6.       It’s amazing how quickly the body adapts.  The first day I was here, I sweat rivers.  Now I barely notice the heat and humidity.  Apparently it’s been unseasonably hot here in Maui.  Unseasonably meaning low 30s (Celsius).

7.       Our family vacation style is extremely low key.  Our condo has a small beach and pool.  Most days we’re content to stay here.  Sightseeing is best in small, small doses and if that means we “miss” out on something, that’s okay.  We’re relaxing.

8.       Our debit card doesn’t work at cashier debit terminals.  It does, however, work at ATMs.  Weird. 

9.       While flip flops aren’t the healthiest for feet, they are the most convenient footwear for sandy beaches.  Washing sand out of anything else is a royal pain.

10.   Our kids are very, very funny.  I love them.

11.   Nail polish is pointless on a tropical vacation unless all you’re going to do is shop and sunbathe.  The sand wears it off your toes and getting in and out of water all day ensures it doesn’t last on your fingers either.

12.   Waterproof makeup isn’t swimproof.  Don’t even bother.

13.   All kind of bodies wear bikinis without self-consciousness here.  While I don’t wear bikinis, I do find this strangely liberating. 

Other highlights:

Turtles!  There are two Sea Turtles that hang out in the waters in front of our condo daily.  At night, one of them climbs up on the beach to sleep under the beach chairs.



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